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Intro First Blood (Overlord win)

Act 1.1 A Fat Goblin (Hero win)
Face Splig, King of All Goblins and his goblin minions for a chance to retrieve the legendary bow Trueshot or rescue the hero Frederick and prevent the strengthening of the Overlords power.

Act 1.2 The Cardinal’s Plight (Overlord win)
The necromancer Lord Merick Farrow attacks Cardinal Koth and attempts to corrupt the Staff of Light. Save the Cardinal, retrieve the relic and prevent the Overlord from summoning Elementals into his armies.

Castle Daerion
Protect Sir Palamon and the Dawnblade from the relentless assault of the undead knight Sir Alric Farrow. Defeat will allow Sir Alric to claim the Duskblade and deliver a powerful ally to the Overlord, Shadow Dragons.

The Masquerade Ball
Lord Theodir is hidden amongst the guests at the masquerade ball. Find him before the vampire Lady Eliza Farrow can and steals the keys to the vault and Fortuna’s Dice.

Death on the Wing
Defeat Belthir, Scion of Gryvorn. At stake, the powerful artefact Shield of the Dark God.

The Shadow Vault / The Overlord Revealed

Act 2
The Monster’s Hoard / The Frozen Spire
The Dawnblade / The Desecrated Tomb
Enduring the Elements / The Ritual of Shadows
Blood of Heroes / The Twin Idols
The Wyrm Turns / The Wyrm Rises

Gryvorn Unleashed / The Man That Would Be King

Main Page

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