Descent: The Shadow Rune

The Cardinal's Plight

Act 1.2

Widow Tahra, Jain Fairwood and Grisban the Thirsty escort Frederick to an audience with Baron Greigory and Baron Zachareth. They learn that Viceroy Pellin was murdered in the caravan ambush and he was a companion of Frederick’s. In their youth they were part of a group called the Shadow Binders.

Now fearing for the safety of the Viceroy’s Cardinal they head to the Cathedral of Kellos in the Carthmounts where they hope to retrieve the Staff of Light to aid in their fight against the Overlord.

They arrive to find the Cathedral under attack. The dark necromancer Lord Merick Farrow is raising zombies from the graveyard and sending them into the cathedral to attack. Jain Fairwood dashes past a pack of barghests to press the attack on Farrow’s flesh moulders.

The heroes banish the Ward and engage with Lord Farrow, but not before he is able to send 2 zombies inside after the Cardinal and vanishes in a swirl of snake and flame.



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