Descent: The Shadow Rune

A Fat Goblin

Act 1.1

Reports of goblins besieging the farmlands lead Widow Tarha, Jain Fairwood, Grisban the Thirsty and Avric Albright to the north of Arhynn.

Smoke in the air the companions rush forward to discover goblins looting a nearby farm. Before they can get close merriods attack, flailing tentacles immobilising and delaying the adventurers. They are unable to prevent the Overlord’s minions from stealing three bundles of crops and disappearing into the woods.

A blood spattered farmer staggers from the nearby barn. His brother Frederick and others have been taken captive by the goblins and he pleads for help.

The trail is easy to follow and leads to the caves of Caedwyn Wood. As they enter a croaking voice bellows out.
“Bring me the prisoners. One of them must be the Shadow Binder! So speaks Splig, King of All Goblins!”

Grisban leading the charge the adventurers fight through a pack of cave spiders and stumbling zombies. Kicking in the door to the torture chamber they find the rotund Splig surrounded by his goblin archers and the bodies of interrogated farmers littering the floor. Sacrificing his goblin minions Splig uses his fatty bulk to barrel through the heroes attempting to escape with a battered man slung over his shoulder.

Before he can get away the companions press the attack. Squealing in pain Splig throws the prisoner to the floor. Then in a surprising burst of speed for a goblin of such impressive girth he rushes out the door.

The big man with a scarred face and white hair picks himself up to address you.

“I am Frederick and I thank you heroes. You lot remind me of myself at a younger age. Well, best take me to the Barons. Seems I’ve still go work to do.”



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